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Is the legacy of Chris Cooley finished?

Any Washington Redskin fan has heard of him. He’s one of the goofiest players in the NFL, a 2-time pro bowler and has been a major threat at the tight end position for his last 8 seasons. I’m talking, of course, about the legendary Chris Cooley. “Cooooo-leeeey” And the crowd goes wild! With 429 receptions […]

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Do we have a starter in Kirk Cousins?

Washington fans have a common expression and name that comes to mind when they see the future and dynasty of their team: RG3/RGIII/Robert Griffin III or any of these ways written. Robert Griffin III┬áhas broken more records than almost any rookie QB has ever done and was the most talked about player throughout the NFL […]

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Washington has something ‘special’ in Lorenzo Alexander

Lorenzo Alexander, number 97 on the Washington Redskins continues to show that he should never be underestimated as a play maker. Last Sunday’s NFL Pro Bowl saw Alexander in a starting position as “special teams representative,” marking his first time being selected to go down to Hawaii and play. It certainly will not be his […]

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