For those of you out there who did not know who Pat White, don’t feel bad, I honestly didn’t either.

He was drafted as a QB to Miami Dolphins in the 2009-2010 season, to compete with the other 2 similar named QB’s, Chad Pennington and Chad Henne. 

In his pre-season, he threw 2 out of 7 completions and had an interception, as well, which did not give him the starting job.

That’s a surprise?

He gained more media attention during a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, in which Ike Taylor hit him while he ran an option helmet-to-helmet, knocking him unconscious.

He was waived by Miami the next season and stopped playing in the NFL…

…Until now!

Will White prove to be capable of 3rd string over re-signed Rex Grossman? Will he even see the field this upcoming 2013-2014 season?

My guess is no, but we shall see come preseason.

Good luck to you my friend!