There have been stories of RG3 recently claiming he is recovering better than anyone could have imagined.

Words like “superhuman” have been being tossed around to describe this man.

Frankly, I am still concerned.

We know that RG3 was not 100% healthy when his knees buckled underneath him, causing him to be taken out during the Seattle Seahawks game.

This is what scares me.

RG3 is one tough guy, but the word reckless could be tossed around, as well, in describing him.

I genuinely believe he will try to play even if he is only 80% of the way back to his full self, which is something Shanahan cannot allow.

I believe Kirk Cousins is a valuable asset to this squad, and he could fill in for RG3 for the first couple of games if Griffin is not quite there yet.

Cousins shows confidence under pressure in the pocket and has made and saved games.

While I would not really want them to start, we also have 2 more QBs in Rex Grossman and Pat White.

I would LOVE to see RG3 open up the season like the way he did against the New Orleans Saints this past season, but he needs to take care of himself.

He has the ability to become a legend.