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Which QB will start the first game of next season?

There have been stories of RG3 recently claiming he is recovering better than anyone could have imagined. Words like “superhuman” have been being tossed around to describe this man. Frankly, I am still concerned. We know that RG3 was not 100% healthy when his knees buckled underneath him, causing him to be taken out during the Seattle Seahawks […]

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RG3, London Fletcher and Ryan Kerrigan all together

As a HUGE FAN of the Washington Redskins, I would do just about anything to meet the people who make the team so great. Veteran London Fletcher has been a hero of mine since he started playing on the team. Ryan Kerrigan is an example of a rookie coming in and making a name for himself and […]

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Fred Davis hopes to return to Washington

Due to the injury Fred Davis suffered in Week 7, last season, Coach Mike Shanahan did not renew Davis’ franchise tag for this upcoming season. Davis, now a free agent, still hopes to play with the Skins for the future, but acknowledged that he would be willing to play anywhere out of love for the game. “This is […]

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Do we have a starter in Kirk Cousins?

Washington fans have a common expression and name that comes to mind when they see the future and dynasty of their team: RG3/RGIII/Robert Griffin III or any of these ways written. Robert Griffin III has broken more records than almost any rookie QB has ever done and was the most talked about player throughout the NFL […]

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