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Which QB will start the first game of next season?

There have been stories of RG3 recently claiming he is recovering better than anyone could have imagined. Words like “superhuman” have been being tossed around to describe this man. Frankly, I am still concerned. We know that RG3 was not 100% healthy when his knees buckled underneath him, causing him to be taken out during the Seattle Seahawks […]

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Skins add Pat White to their QB list

For those of you out there who did not know who Pat White, don’t feel bad, I honestly didn’t either. He was drafted as a QB to Miami Dolphins in the 2009-2010 season, to compete with the other 2 similar named QB’s, Chad Pennington and Chad Henne.  In his pre-season, he threw 2 out of 7 completions and […]

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