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Redskins re-sign Hall

It seems like this Washington team truly believed the squad they had last season was a sacred bunch. After dropping DeAngelo Hall to remain under the salary cap, the Redskins negotiated an undisclosed deal to bring him back to the Hogs. Hall was known for his ability, as well as attitude; he was kicked out of […]

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Alfred Morris is here to stay

With a rookie season of seven 100-yard plus games, one 200-yard game, and two more within ten yards of 100, Alfred Morris has proven to be one of the most unexpected and amazing picks of this season.

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Remembering a fallen legend

  It has been over 5 years since the fateful day and death of one of the greatest and hardest-htting safeties in the National Football League. Sean Taylor, number 21 (and also 36) was known for his intense athleticism and ability to literally rock opponents. He, along with Laron Landry (number 30) were known as “Area 51,” covering the […]

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We want Fletcher!

This man, London Fletcher, has been in the league for 15 seasons. He has never missed a game in his entire career. He has had 195 consecutive starts! So, as selfish as it is to say this, we want more!   There is talk around the football community that Fletcher may not be coming back for the […]

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Is the legacy of Chris Cooley finished?

Any Washington Redskin fan has heard of him. He’s one of the goofiest players in the NFL, a 2-time pro bowler and has been a major threat at the tight end position for his last 8 seasons. I’m talking, of course, about the legendary Chris Cooley. “Cooooo-leeeey” And the crowd goes wild! With 429 receptions […]

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Do we have a starter in Kirk Cousins?

Washington fans have a common expression and name that comes to mind when they see the future and dynasty of their team: RG3/RGIII/Robert Griffin III or any of these ways written. Robert Griffin III has broken more records than almost any rookie QB has ever done and was the most talked about player throughout the NFL […]

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