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Which QB will start the first game of next season?

There have been stories of RG3 recently claiming he is recovering better than anyone could have imagined.

Words like “superhuman” have been being tossed around to describe this man.

Frankly, I am still concerned.

We know that RG3 was not 100% healthy when his knees buckled underneath him, causing him to be taken out during the Seattle Seahawks game.

This is what scares me.

RG3 is one tough guy, but the word reckless could be tossed around, as well, in describing him.

I genuinely believe he will try to play even if he is only 80% of the way back to his full self, which is something Shanahan cannot allow.

I believe Kirk Cousins is a valuable asset to this squad, and he could fill in for RG3 for the first couple of games if Griffin is not quite there yet.

Cousins shows confidence under pressure in the pocket and has made and saved games.

While I would not really want them to start, we also have 2 more QBs in Rex Grossman and Pat White.

I would LOVE to see RG3 open up the season like the way he did against the New Orleans Saints this past season, but he needs to take care of himself.

He has the ability to become a legend.

Skins add Pat White to their QB list

For those of you out there who did not know who Pat White, don’t feel bad, I honestly didn’t either.

He was drafted as a QB to Miami Dolphins in the 2009-2010 season, to compete with the other 2 similar named QB’s, Chad Pennington and Chad Henne. 

In his pre-season, he threw 2 out of 7 completions and had an interception, as well, which did not give him the starting job.

That’s a surprise?

He gained more media attention during a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, in which Ike Taylor hit him while he ran an option helmet-to-helmet, knocking him unconscious.

He was waived by Miami the next season and stopped playing in the NFL…

…Until now!

Will White prove to be capable of 3rd string over re-signed Rex Grossman? Will he even see the field this upcoming 2013-2014 season?

My guess is no, but we shall see come preseason.

Good luck to you my friend!


Redskins re-sign Hall

It seems like this Washington team truly believed the squad they had last season was a sacred bunch.

After dropping DeAngelo Hall to remain under the salary cap, the Redskins negotiated an undisclosed deal to bring him back to the Hogs.

Hall was known for his ability, as well as attitude; he was kicked out of a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers last season for mouthing off to the officials, taking his helmet off, and possibly using profane language.

Washington Redskins v Pittsburgh Steelers

But it’s Hall, come on.

Crazy temper aside, Hall is a good player, recording 4 interceptions last season, many of which proved to be game-changing factors.

As good as he is, he has been known to let many receivers burn him in the past, and I was a little excited for some more diversity from last year’s bunch.

Either way, he is a good player and I hope he proves to make a difference this upcoming season.

Davis is back!

We can all take a giant, relaxing breath of fresh air…he’s back.

Last week, on March 25, Redskins announced that they had re-signed Fred Davis.


Davis has been an incredible playmaker since he first arrived in Washington in 2008, compiling 155 receptions, nearly 2000 receiving yards, and 12 touchdowns.

The injury last season is what made Coach Shanahan initially hesitant on re-signing Davis, who had a franchise tag placed on him the season before.

However, as fans, we are eternally grateful to have him back. The other tight ends, Niles Paul and Logan Paulsen, are simply not up to the par that Davis is on.

This 2013-2014 season looks exponentially bright for the Redskins and this addition of Davis is just emphasizing the possibilities of the future on this Washington team.

RG3, London Fletcher and Ryan Kerrigan all together

As a HUGE FAN of the Washington Redskins, I would do just about anything to meet the people who make the team so great.

Veteran London Fletcher has been a hero of mine since he started playing on the team.


Ryan Kerrigan is an example of a rookie coming in and making a name for himself and he’s just awesome to watch.


And of course, my man, RG3, is the future of this football team and the hype all around the NFL for good reason.

Washington Redskins Minicamp

So, one can imagine the excitement I felt when I found out that the 3 of them were coming to Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia on April 7!

I was first informed about this from a friend, Carlos Cruz, and I have already signed up and suggest YOU DO THE SAME!

My only fear is that I sound like an obsessed fan (which I am) in front of RG3, resulting in my mouth getting dry and words being unable to come out.


All 3 athletes have about an hour and a half of a window to meet and greet, which I plan to go to at least 4 hours early.

I meant it when I said I was an obsessed fan. Now, stop reading this and sign up! See you there.

Fred Davis hopes to return to Washington

Due to the injury Fred Davis suffered in Week 7, last season, Coach Mike Shanahan did not renew Davis’ franchise tag for this upcoming season.

Davis, now a free agent, still hopes to play with the Skins for the future, but acknowledged that he would be willing to play anywhere out of love for the game.

“This is the team I got drafted to, this is the team I was with before. I’ve never been anywhere else, it’s all I know,” said Davis.

He is reportedly far ahead of his estimated recovery time, similar to RG3. (There’s something in the water in Washington.)


We would all love to see Davis back (or Cooley) because Niles Paul and Logan Paulsen are simply not on the same level.

Davis is a playmaker; he is strong, athletic, and fast for his size.

That being said, Shanahan had a good reason to let him be a free agent, due to his recovery.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us if he performs amazingly on another team next season.

An offense without Fred Davis

It is well-known in the Redskins community that tight end, Fred Davis, was put on IR for a season-ending injury during the Week 7 game against the New York Giants. 


Now, it is the offseason and according to General Manager Bruce Allen, “he’s progressing well…we expect that he’ll have a full recovery.”

Having great faith in Davis, Mike Shanahan put a franchise tag on him, meaning for that season he was definitely staying with the Skins.

Starting last Monday, this season has a 2 week window for head coaches to decide whether or not they want to put a franchise tag again on a player.

As of Wednesday, February 20, he has been hesitant to.

If Davis does recover fully after this window has expired, he has the possibility of going to another team, which the Redskins obviously do not want.

Hypothetically, however, let’s think how it might look if Davis were to leave our beloved Washington.

Last season, Logan Paulsen, the 2nd string tight end, started 10 games for 25 receptions for 308 yards.


However, he is lacking in Davis’ speed and athleticism, which is clear to defenders.

Then we have Niles Paul (similar last names), who caught 8 passes for 152 yard.

Paul showed that he was very capable of making big plays when he caught the ball, getting many yards after catch.


Lastly, we have my main man Chris Cooley, who I would obviously want to start over all these guys, even Davis.

With 1 catch for 8 yards and the limited playing time he received, Shanahan is making it pretty clear Cooley is not here to stay, which truly pains me.


With these options, the tight end future for our team appears bleak. Paul could start over Paulsen, showing more athleticism and consistency in yards after catch.

I think the fact of the matter is (if Cooley is not going to play) we need Davis on this team to seal the tight end position.

These other guys don’t have the talent level Davis is putting out.

Paulsen does have some pretty cool hair though.

Alfred Morris is here to stay

With a rookie season of seven 100-yard plus games, one 200-yard game, and two more within ten yards of 100, Alfred Morris has proven to be one of the most unexpected and amazing picks of this season.

Remembering a fallen legend


It has been over 5 years since the fateful day and death of one of the greatest and hardest-htting safeties in the National Football League.

Sean Taylor, number 21 (and also 36) was known for his intense athleticism and ability to literally rock opponents.

He, along with Laron Landry (number 30) were known as “Area 51,” covering the backfield and delivering spine-crunching hits that kept players hearing footsteps.

As a fan, I still to this day wish he were still on our team and alive.

I still wear his jersey all the time; coincidentally, my brother and I bought one each a week before he died.

Let this video of his highlights celebrate all he did for the league, as well as make you wince a little bit.

R.I.P. Sean Taylor (April 1, 1938 – November 27, 2007)

We want Fletcher!

This man, London Fletcherhas been in the league for 15 seasons.

He has never missed a game in his entire career.

He has had 195 consecutive starts!

So, as selfish as it is to say this, we want more!

Don’t mess with Fletch!


There is talk around the football community that Fletcher may not be coming back for the 2013-2014 season.

“Fletcher has a lot of passion left in him, a lot of love for this game,” said Lorenzo Alexander. “Hopefully we have him back—we need him.”


This is a completely factual statement.

Since joining the Skins in 2007, Fletcher has been an overwhelming, powerhouse on defense, being elected to the Pro Bowl every year.

He led the entire league in tackles for the 2011 season with a booming 166!

He has been our defensive team captain since 2008.

Ray Lewis just won a Super Bowl on the Baltimore Ravens in his 17th season.



I want to see Fletcher get another Super Bowl ring!

“It was very special,” said Fletcher. “Besides winning the Super Bowl back in St. Louis, this was the most special season I’ve had, the most fun I’ve had.

I want his next season to be even more fun!

He is far too valuable to leave this team that is developing into something incredible for the first time since the early 90’s.

All I’m saying is that he has at least 2 more seasons in him. Why not make it 3 and beat Lewis?


In Fletcher, we trust! This man is a leader on and off the field.

If you are on this site and you disagree, I must ask you to leave. You are not a true fan. GET OUT ROMO!

Sick Fletcher on him













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